We are a South African couple who have a thirst for all things travel. We are happy on land or at sea; it makes no difference to us whether we are camping, cruising, or staying in a hotel. Travel for us is all about sharing new experiences. Although we were born, raised, and married in South Africa, we recently relocated to the beautiful country of Georgia, where we are domiciled with our two cats, Lord Boris and Princess Mango.


We are a socially awkward couple and are by no means trend setters. We are more like an old married couple who potter around taking in the local sights in whatever country we visit... With the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of a child.

 When it comes to how we travel, we pack light and enjoy the simple things in life, like a good cup of coffee.
We choose comfortable, but affordable accommodation wherever we go.

Yes, we are frugal. No, we are not misers.
Value for money is a key decision-making criteria for us.

We have a fascination with the natural world, which means our bias is always towards unusual natural physical structures. That being said, if they are throwing in a free dragon ride at the local castle, we are there like a bear.

When on the road, we make it a rule to choose only one activity a day. We have both been goaded onto buses on travel tours around Europe and are in agreement that travelling in a group to multiple destinations just elevates our already heightened anxiety levels.

We hope that you will enjoy this website for what it is...

Adventures shared and memories preserved.

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